“Nurture to GROW”


Nurture by GROW is more than a social lounge. We are a socially conscious in-house kitchen & cafe located within the GROW Space serving brunch, meal prep, catering, cocktails and more. We pride ourselves on growing others by helping them advance towards success. Our belief is that in order to grow you need nurture. Nurture’ means to care for and to encourage or the growth of. 


As a minority-owned social enterprise small business, Nurture was born out of the need to help others to grow, which is why we constantly use local marginalized vendors and artisans in our products and proceeds then derived goes back to helping women especially, immigrant women develop and advance their careers. This idea has helped us uphold our values to Support, Encourage, Empower, and Develop (S.E.E.D), hence simultaneously investing in social impact, equality, economic growth, and sustainability. 


To ensure we are nurturing our guests, we use our well-curated services such as brunch events, meal prep, catering, and cocktails to nurture your day. Experience the growth and impact we are making in just one visit to the lounge, with an ambience surrounded by soft music and local live bands. Come stop by, we are located within The City of Edmonton’s Orange Hub where we continue to ‘nurture to grow’ throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. Visit us or book your next Nurture private event today! 


PS: Our customers are considered our “Nurturers” meaning someone who nurtures others, offering support, encouragement, empowerment and/or training development. Again, by supporting us, you are helping us to support others to nurture to grow.